Quint C Pallet Company

Our beginnings

Our beginningsCarroll Hensley established Quint-C Pallet in 1981 when he purchased a small saw system and began to cut lumber and build pallets the old-fashioned way- by hand. He named the company after the five members of his family, all with the first names starting with the letter “C”. This reflects Carroll’s belief that Quint-C is more than just a business- it is a family.

In 1984, Quint-C moved to a larger facility to meet the growing demands of their customers. By 1988, the increased demand for pallets allowed the company to purchase their first automated nailing machine.

Our beginningsIn the early 90’s, Quint-C eventually outgrew its nailing capacity and proceeded to invest in additional state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to keep up with the increasing demand.

By the start of the millennium, Quint-C had upgraded its physical plant yet again and purchased additional high-capacity equipment. The company continued advancing its services by being one of the first manufacturers to become a Certified Heat Treatment center.

Into the future

Into the future

In 2011, Quint-C purchased the dust auger system. This system increases the tonnage per load for sawdust and allows for a much cleaner operation.

Today Quint-C Pallet remains even more committed to the “old-fashioned” principles that have made the company so successful: quality products, outstanding service, and an atmosphere of “family” among its employees.